01/04/2024, Collaborated paper with Dr. Junying Yuan is formally accepted by PNAS. Congrats to co-author Mao-Qing Huang and Xia Min!

01/03/2024, Welcome Peng-Yue Chen to HeLab!

12/10/2023, Yang Liu is awarded the 中国科学院上海分院“科苑-优秀学子”! Congrats!

10/27/2023, Collaborated paper with Dr. Daichao Xu is formally accepted by NSMB. Congrats to co-author Xia Min!

08/15/2023, Welcome Yue Du joing HeLab as research assistant!

05/12/2023, Xia Min passed her doctoral defense. Congrats Dr.Min!

03/10/2023, HeLab is awarded "2023中科院上海分院三八红旗集体"!

01/13/2023, miR-34's neural function Progress in Neurobiology paper is formally online. Congratulations to Xia Min and all coauthors!

12/29/2022, Welcome Zi-Yue Zhou & Mao-Qing Huang to HeLab!

12/08/2022, PV EMBO J paper is formally online.

11/14/2022, Xue-Ting passed her doctoral defense. Congrats Dr.Zhang!

11/9/2022, FUS Brain paper is formally online.

11/4/2022, "Time- and sleep-dependent daily modulation of neuronal properties of cortical parvalbumin-positive inhibitory neurons" by Zong FJ et al. is formally accepted into EMBO J . Congrats to all contributing authors!

9/19/2022, "Brain region-specific synaptic function of FUS underlies the FTLD-linked behavioral disinhibition" by Wang JY et al. is accepted into Brain . Congrats to all contributing authors!

9/8/2022, NSFC grant #32271004 "Investigation of the early neuronal deficits and underlying mechanisms in α-synuclein preformed fibril-induced Parkinson-like mouse model" awarded.

8/20/2022, Lab dinner at Diandude. Farewell to Fang-Jiao and Lin-Zhi!

7/4/2022, Welcome Yuan Lu joining Helab as a postbac research assistant!

1/1/2022, Welcome Zhuo-Ran Jia joining Helab as a graduate student!

11/24/2021, Jun-Ying passed her doctoral defense. Congrats Dr.Wang!

11/16/2021, Jia-Yao passed her master defense. Congrats Ms.Chen!

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