Kai-Wen He, Ph.D.

2011-2015: Postdoc, JHU

2010:          Postdoc, UMD

2004-2009: Ph.D. in Neuroscience, UMD

1999-2003: B.S. in Biological Science, Tsinghua Universitiy

Trained as an electrophysiologist. Curious about all unknown scientific questions. Love indoor and outdoor activities. Wish to play badminton till 80.

Research Fellow

       Xia Min,PhD

Ph.D. Student

Wei-Tong Zheng,BS

Ph.D. Student

   Yi-Ci Zhang,BS


Ph.D. Student

    Xu-Ran Yao,BS

M.S. Student

    Yu-Ke Li,BS

Ph.D. Student

     Yang Liu,MS

Ph.D. Student

  Zhuo-Ran Jia,BS

M.S. Student

  Zi-Yue Zhou,BS

M.S. Student

Mao-Qing Huang,BS

M.S. Student

Peng-Yue Chen,BS


       Yue Du,MS

Lab Manager

   Wan-Li Wu,BS

Ph.D. Student

Xue-Ting Zhang


Current addr:Songjiang Laboratory


Ph.D. Student

Fang-Jiao Zong


Current addr: Qingdao University School of Pharmacy, China

Assistant professor

Ph.D. Student

Jun-Ying Wang


Current addr:Netherlands


M.S. Student

Jia-Yao Chen


Current addr:

Patent lawyer

M.S. Student

Ming-Cun Yu


Current addr:

Yu Huang, BS, Beijing Normal Univ, Undergrad intern, 2023. Current: PhD student, IRCBC, CAS

Yue Yuan, BS, Shandong Univ, Undergrad intern, 2023. Current: PhD student, IRCBC, CAS

Yuan Lu, BS, Chongqing Univ, Postbac, 2022.7-2023.10.

Jia-Yi Zhao, BS, Shandong Univ, Undergrad intern, 2022. Current: PhD student, IRCBC, CAS

Xiao-Shi Chen, BS, Hainan Univ, Undergrad intern, 2021. Current: PhD student, IRCBC, CAS

Yan Zhang, Ph.D, RA 2017-2019. Current: Assistant professor, Shanghai Open Univ

Quan-wei Yang, MS, RA 2016-2018

Guang-ling Wang, MS, RA 2015-2018. Current: Lab manager, IONS

Xiao-fei Fan, BS,Lab manager 2015-2018

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