Xia Min闵霞


Xia earned a B.S. from College of Life Sciences in Sichuan University in 2017 and she majored in Biological Technology. While in Sichuan University, she experienced her student internship in Zhen-Dongchao, Zhao-Jian and Tang-lin Lab in turn. During the internship, she learned plant tissue culture, and microbiology related techniques. And she gained out-of-school training at Sichuan Academy of Natural Resources Science in 2016, and did some experiments with panda’s feces.

She completed her graduation projects in He-Kaiwen Lab and then joined in 2017. She is currently investigating the neural function of miR-34a in adult brain, mainly using field recording, immunohistochemistry, biochemistry and behavior test technology. And she also can do some fancy two-photon imaging in vivo and RNA-seq analysis.

Outside lab, she likes to find delicious food, watch sci-fi movies, and do some outdoor activities. Other than that, she also enjoys music, drawing and Anime.