Yu-Ke Li 李雨珂


Yuke obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in 2020 from the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, China Agriculture University. During the undergraduate study, Yuke participated in the National Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project "Computer Aided Design of Deep Eutectic Solvents in the Application of New Pesticide formulations", and won the second prize of Beijing Undergraduate Chemistry Experiment Competition.

Yuke joined the He-Lab in December 2020, and his research program is "The Regulation and Mechanism of Sleep on Brain Cognitive Function". His research goal is to comprehensively use in-vivo two-photo microscopy, EEG, optogenetic, fiber photometry recording, behavioral experiments and other methods, to clarify the cognitive and memory brain functions that may perform during sleep. In addition, he also interests in the relationship between sleep disorders and pathological processes in neurodegenerative diseases.

Beyond study and research, he has a far dream to understand how the brain works, how it perceives external information to form complex perceptions, and how brain performs neural calculations and forms complicated cognitive functions, which make human own incredible thinking capabilities, as well as emotions and motivations that drive our behavior. Through exploring the unknown neuroscience together, he hopes that in the future, human-beings can become wiser and more empathetic species in order to create a better and more ideal world.

Besides, He also has many personal hobbies include reading, bicycle traveling, badminton, marathon running, documentary movies, PS games, outdoor sports, and all the interesting things that he has not been tried. He looks forward to exploring every unknown side of life, And enjoy the fun of discovery with every partners!